Wednesday, 28 January 2009

We've got a headstart for happiness

I've been off work for a couple of days at the beginning of the week and have sorted out a walkway/path around my little plot. The majority of it has been covered with decorative bark on top of some of that weed suppressing black cloth material. £4 for a roll at Focus. I've also kept a few paving slabs around a little bit of it. I also bought some multi-purpose compost to top up the raised beds.

Yesterday I got my second parcel from Thompson and Morgan, it included my Blueberry (earliblue), Raspberry canes (polka) and the free Strawberries (Judibell). I've been up to b and q tonight to buy some Ericaceous compost for the Blueberry, I'll try and get that planted up tomorrow dinner time. The raspberry canes should also be in tomorrow, if not friday. Not sure if I can put the strawberries straight into the ground yet, will have to do a little research first.

My Closed Cup Mushroom spores came last week and are currently residing in my fridge, that what it said to do on the packet. I planted some Basil two weeks ago and have been keeping in the warm living room on an evening and in the kitchen window during the day. It's starting to make a show, some shoots are pushing through.

I planted seven of my Onion sets (Sturon) last week just to see how they would do inside and they are doing really well, most of them have started sprouted. I might do another 7 this week and keep on doing 7 a week until they can be planted out. Hopefully it will give them a headstart.

I chitted my potatoes today. I didn't have enough egg boxes so I hope just standing them up on cardboard does the trick. I've put them in the garage. I hope they'll be OK in there. My potatoes are
Coleen (Early)
Cosmos (second Early)
Robinta (Early Maincrop)
Valor (Late Maincrop)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

hazy shade of winter

I started my veggie patch last year after living here for two and half years and promising myself to have another go after I had one at my last home which I had to sadly leave behind. I planted a few vegetables last year, most of which grew, perhaps not quite as big as I would have liked , but they tasted really nice. I've been reading lots and buying books in the hope that they will help me make the most out of my little patch. One of my Christmas presents was The Allotment Keepers Handbook by Jane Perrone which has inspired me to start this blog so that I keep track of my progress.

I still have quite a few seeds that I bought last year from the Organic Gardening catalogue as well as some that I picked up from Woolies, Wilkinsons and I think even Tesco's. I have also just taken delivery of my seed potatoes (all of which have wonderful names) and onion sets from the OGC. The onions will be going in soon (February according to JP) then the potatoes a little later.

About an hour ago I also ordered £48 worth of fruit trees, garlic and mushroom spores form Thomas and Morgan. I just hope they don't die on me and I do get something from them.

1 of Raspberry : Polka - 3 canes
Code: CWW3518
Price each: £8.99
Despatch: November 2008 - March 2009
1 of Blueberry : Earliblue
Code: CWW3485
Price each: £10.99
Despatch: Available all year
1 of Apple : Braeburn
Code: DWW3635
Price each: £15.49
Despatch: Mid February - March 2009
1 of Garlic : Spring Planting
Code: ZWW4037
Price each: £2.99
Despatch: January 2009 onwards
1 of Mushroom - White Cap Button
Code: BWW3159
Price each: £5.99
1 of FREE 3 Strawberry Judibell Runners
Code: CWW3491
Price each: £0.00

Your Order Summary:
Subtotal Goods: £44.45
P&P: £3.95
Total: £48.40